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Have an Idea?

The Encore Outdoor Family

Have an Idea?

Encore Outdoor LLC can bring your ideas to fruition through creative graphic design and extensive knowledge in and around Northeast PA and Northwest NJ. You're not just getting ad space on a billboard, you're getting Multi-Media Consultants to help you navigate our unique marketing landscape.


FREE Money!

The Encore Outdoor Family

Have an Idea?

Does your business have manufacturers offering advertising monies to promote their products but you have no time to research and implement? Encore Outdoor LLC has the know-how to manage your Co-op Outdoor Advertising. From the approval process to claim submission, Encore Outdoor LLC takes the time to focus on your advertising while you focus on your customers!


The Encore Outdoor Family

The Encore Outdoor Family

The Encore Outdoor Family

Founder of Encore Outdoor LLC, Glenn Khoury, teamed up with his wife and owner Jennifer Luke-Khoury, who has many years of combined local, regional and national multi-media experience. They have two children, Caroline and Christopher. Glenn lives by the Mark Twain quote, "Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." 

Encore Does More!


Our Other Services

Encore Outdoor LLC does more than just sell billboard outdoor advertising space and signage! We offer a variety of other services for Digital and Static Billboards including:

  • Billboard Design, Construction and Management For Landowners
  • Permit and Land Lease Consultants
  • Professional Vinyl Installations
  • Structure Repairs and Maintenance
  • Graphic Design and Layout
  • Logo & Brand Development
  • Marketing Consulting & Needs Analysis

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We Do Real Estate Too.


Encore Outdoor LLC purchases land with billboards, billboard leases and options in addition to partnering with land and sign owners to maximize their return. Call for details!